Learn More about RST

Want to learn more about RST? Start with About RST, where we provide material and links internal to this site. Then see the curated list below, consisting mostly of foundational articles about RST by James Bach and Michael Bolton. These articles provide an overview of the RST methodology, and can help you to prepare before attending an RST class. There is also a page of video highlights from the class.

You can find much more information about RST on the sites and blogs of James Bach (satisfice.com) and Michael Bolton (developsense.com).

The Premises of Rapid Software Testing

A statement of the premises on which Rapid Software Testing—our classes and our methodology—are based. These are the premises of the Rapid Software Testing methodology. Everything in the methodology derives in some way from this foundation. These premises derive from our experience, study, … Learn more

Exploratory Testing

Do you perform any exploratory testing on APIs? How do you do it? Here’s an in-depth version of the reply I gave, with the benefit of links to deeper material. To begin: application programming interfaces (APIs) are means by which … Learn more