Learn More about RST

Want to learn more about RST? Start with About RST, where we provide material and links internal to this site. Then see the curated list below, consisting mostly of foundational articles about RST by James Bach and Michael Bolton. These articles provide an overview of the RST methodology, and can help you to prepare before attending an RST class. There is also a page of video highlights from the class.

You can find much more information about RST on the sites and blogs of James Bach (satisfice.com) and Michael Bolton (developsense.com).

Breaking the Test Case Addiction

Testing, as we’ve pointed out (many times), is not test cases; testing is a performance. Testing, as we’ve pointed out, is the process of learning about a product through exploration and experimentation, which includes to some degree questioning, studying, modeling, observation, inference, etc. … Learn more

Heuristic Test Strategy Model

The HTSM (v.5.7.5) is a set of guideword heuristics designed to help you think better about test strategy. It includes four focus areas: test techniques, project elements, product elements, and quality criteria categories. You can use it casually or rigorously. … Learn more