RST for Your Team

  • Works for any part of the industry. Rapid Software Testing has been applied to regulated medical devices, banks, and government agencies, as well as video game companies and Silicon Valley startups. It’s also been applied to embedded systems and the Internet of Things. The methodology is not tied to any one industrial context.
  • Works for all team members. People with almost any educational background can contribute to excellent testing. In our classes we use open-ended exercises, which work for both experienced testers and new testers.
  • Works for testing specialists or part-timers. Rapid Software Testing applies to testing specialists (or “responsible testers”) as well as to “supporting testers” —  developers, designers, business analysts, product owners or domain experts who may perform primary roles other than testing .
  • Compatible with Agile, DevOps, or even Waterfall. RST focuses on universal skills and heuristics of test design and test strategy which apply to any type of development process you may be using. And because the methodology is context-driven, you determine what testing practices are right for your company, rather than using “one best way.”
  • Compatible with automation. While we say that testing cannot be automated, we also say that testing benefits through the proper application of many different kinds of tools, including those that simulate users and perform automatic checks.